"Workplace experts say the results can often be worth the effort of gathering employee input. In the war for talent, they add, the best and brightest employees will gravitate toward companies where their opinions get taken seriously. The younger generation of workers is accustomed to working in teams and speaking out through blogs. After seeing businesses like Enron crash and burn, they are also wary of secretive, autocratic companies. "- [1]

Workplace democracy or Industrial democracy is the application of democracy into the workplace. This may involve things such as workers electing their supervisors, taking part in debates, and having a say in their working hours, wages, etc. Workplace democracy may also involve the right to a fair trial, thereby preventing employers from firing employees for petty reasons.

We accept powerlessness and humiliations in the workplace which we wouldn't accept from our governments and this should end. Apple had problems at least partly because of the dictatorial and bullying management style of Steve Jobs. [2]

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