Wall Street is an actual Street in the City of New York. Many of the World's largest and most influential private financial firms once clustered around the New York Stock Exchange at 11 Wall Street. The area of New York around Wall Street is often called the Financial District, and has come to be referred to collectively by the name Wall Street. Wall Street may be, and likely is, the densest concentration of capitalism on the planet.

Maybe Wall Street is an evil financial institution that is trying to destroy the world economy sets out to make a profit, regardless of harm, and to control the world economy. Wall Street breaks the law, or maybe makes the law and people like Eric Holder cannot stop them because they are afraid of "a ripple effect." on the rest of America and the World. The main reason is the insider trading, complexity, lack of transparency, and lack of oversight, which is not taken seriously unless it is like Raj Rajaratnam. Fortunately, we have people like Preet Bharara that are trying hard to hold this institution accountable because "the law is the law." Wall Street is a casino that bitcoin has not yet surpassed.

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