Vaush is a based American leftist youtuber and streamer. He is known for debunking conservatives, the alt-right and is a big supporter of Bernie Sanders. As of May 2020, he was 80,000 subscribers on YouTube.


Ideology and Beliefs

Vaush is a Libertarian Socialist that advocates for the Market Socialism. He is against authoritarian forms of leftism, and opposes people who praise communist dictators like Stalin and Mao, calling them Tankies. Vaush believes that all unjust hierarchy should be abolished, and his final goal is a libertarian socialist society where workers own their means of production.

Vaush has fought against bigotry and is very socially progressive. He wants to abolish the concept of gender roles to make a more free society and easier society for transgender people to live in. Vaush also believes in abolishing private property and promoting the use of worker owned cooperates, which is where the business is democratically run by the workers. He also supports working with people who disagree with him on his final goal, such as social democrats to push the overton window to the left. He also will work with Liberals to defeat the fascist uprising across the western world.

2020 US Presidential Election

Vaush supported Bernie Sanders in 2016 and 2020 in the primaries. He also takes a Vote Blue No Matter Who position on the election, he voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and says he will vote for Joe Biden in 2020. He has called out people with a Bernie or Bust position, such as Kyle Kulinski and Shaun.

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  • [1]Vaush's YouTube Channel