Today, I did exactly the same thing that ShinyRaikou did. I created an account called "Reactionary22". On my user page, I wrote "Ronald Reagan sucks.", just like Shiny Raikou.

About half an hour later, I noticed that someone edited my user page, asking for 5 reasons why Ronald Reagan sucks. I was planning on adding some reasons at some point, but I didn't feel like it at the moment. In retrospect, some reasons that Ronald Reagan sucks are that he is pro-life, the national debt rose during his presidency, he deregulated the economy, and started his trickle-down "Reagonomics", causing the power of the wealthy elite to increase. He was also a Republican, and Republicans generally suck.

Later, I went back onto my userpage. There was a message saying that if I did not answer within 5 minutes, I would be banned for good. Giving a person only an hour or so to answer is incredibly stupid, considering that there is a good chance that people in that situation would be offline. Seeing this message, I tried to edit my userpage to give reasons why Reagan sucks. It turns out that I was too late. I was already banned.

The user who wrote these messages has the username "EJamesW". Ironically, according to his userpage, he identifies as an atheist, a liberal, and accepts evolution. I don't know what he is doing on Conservapedia.

Later, he left this message on my userpage:

"I gave you a chance 'Reactionary22', you blew it big time." There was another message saying that my userpage is being proposed for speedy deletion, saying that my userpage is "obvious vandalism, sarcastic mockery, or inappropriate". He hardly gave me a chance, even though he said he did. I have been banned from Conservapedia infinitely.

So, what ShinyRaikou had said has been confirmed.

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