Hello to all im a fan of dragon ball z,one piece,ed edd n eddy,family guy,south park. In terms of politics im a Neo-Conservative democratic Socialist liberal or Neo-Conservative Social Democratic liberal. Im conservative on issues such as Gang violence,Foreign affairs,and crime (though i oppose the death penalty). Im liberal on social issues such as gay marriage,abortion,Affirmative action (to an extent) i oppose gun control i am also a Democrat & was a supporter of barrack obama in 2007 and was a huge supporter. On economic issues im a straight forward Social democrat or Democratic Socialist. Im pro welfare pro social saftey net i wish for america to be more like Sweden. So there you have it i look forward to makeing this wiki a better place!.

Favorite Politicans

  • Barrack Obama
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Tom Harkin
  • Barbra Boxer
  • Wesley Clark

Canndidates I Supporterd/voted for or would have voted or in each presidential election

  1. Barrack Obama Democrat(& in the primary Barrack Obama)
  2. John KerryDemocrat(Wesley Clark in primary)
  3. Al Gore Democrat(Bill Bradley in primary)
  4. Bill Clinton Democrat
  5. Ross Perot Indepedent(Tom Harkin in primary)

Politicans i have Meet

  • Hillary Clinton
  • Elliot Engel
  • Adolf Carrion