Theology is study of imaginary beings.

Below is what the retired Pope, Benedict XVI said about the Theology department and some other department at a university where he used to teach: "(...) (it was once reported that a colleague had said there was something odd about our university: it had two faculties devoted to something that did not exist: God." [1]  It's sad when someone seemingly intelligent can't see or won't admit that the critic was making a valid point.

Theology is not science

Some people, such as Richard Dawkins, believe that theology is hardly even an actual subject as theology does not follow the Scientific method or deal with anything demonstrably real.

Theology is like arguing about what kind of hairstyle the King of France should wear. There may be good arguments for or against this or that hairstyle, but it’s hard to take any of them seriously: France has no king. [1]

PZ Myers dealt with this in the Courtier's reply.

Theologians may claim their subject is part of science, theologians believe the foundation of their religion is historic and factual and try to apply the scientific method to their study. Despite this the scientific status of theology is open to dispute because the whole structure is based on unproved suppositions, the divinity of Jesus, the enlightenment of the Buddha, the revelations to Muhammad etc. Different religions and different denominations make different assumptions. There are so many different religions and they can't possibly all be correct.

Since theology depends to such an extent on faith-based traditions calling it a science is problematic. Even the “soft” sciences in the different branches of social science are more scientific than theology. [2]


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