Lively’s book is simply not good history and is, in fact, not really history at all. Instead, in my view, it is a book that uses history as a weapon in a contemporary political battle, completely outside the historical context of Nazi Germany.[1]

Gay hitler

The Pink Swastika is a book by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams claiming that the persecution of homosexuals under the Third Reich was a myth. There is the further claim that Adolf Hitler and other leading Nazis were gay.

The first claim

The first claim of the book, that gays weren’t persecuted under the Third Reich is clearly false, this is yet another example of Holocaust denial. There is plenty of well documented evidence about how gays suffered in Concentration camps. The Nazi leadership were clearly extremely homophobic.

The second claim

The second claim, that some of the Nazi leaders were secretly gay is harder to refute as homophobic people are sometimes subconsciously gay and consciously gay people sometimes fake homophobia to prevent people finding out, see Sexual hypocrisy and Cardinal Keith O'Brien and Sexual Sin for examples. Openly gay Nazi, Ernst Rohm was on unusually familiar terms with Hitler though Rohm preferred younger men with blue eyes and blond hair, Hitler was more mature with Brown hair. [2] Hitler was strongly attracted to Eva Braun which shows he was at most Bisexual. [3][4]

Statistically the overwhelming majority of people are Heterosexual or at least predominately heterosexual, therefore at first guess it's likely the majority of the Nazi leadership were predominately heterosexual as well. Still as far as this author can see it is impossible to prove one way or the other whether Hitler or any other leading Nazis did or did not have secret/subconscious gay inclinations.

A very fine example of Godwin's law.

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