He is the One!

The Matrix is a trilogy of three films, The Matrix, The Matrix: Reloaded, and The Matrix: Revolutions. Their release dates are immaterial, but a major blunder occurred when they released the third one just six months after the second one.

Matrix FAQ

  • Q: Am I in the Matrix?
  • A: Only if you voted for Bush.
  • Q: Why does the third one suck?
  • A: It doesn't suck, it is just average but seems sucky compared to the first two.
    • Q: You haven't answered my question.
    • A: Interesting. That was quicker than the others.
  • Q: Was this film based on the Soviet Union?
  • A: Yes. Yes it was.

Plot super-summary

Thomas Anderson alias Neo (the only thing good with neo in it) is a programmer by day, illicit hacker by night. He is in contact with Morpheus, who finds him and helps him escape from the Agents. Morpheus and the others with him are called Redpills, people who have been disconnected from the Matrix, a giant MMORPG (where you really play the role!). Morpheus explains this to Neo, and gives him a choice of red pill or blue pill. The red pill disconnects you from the Matrix, and the blue pill makes everything go back to normal (Which one would neocons take? [rhetorical question]). Anderson (known now as Neo) takes the red pill.

His body is recovered by Morpheus's ship and is taught martial arts by Morpheus. They think he's "The One," one who can recreate the Matrix as they please.

He then visits the Oracle, an old black woman who looks after white children and can "see the future," and she and Neo have an odd conversation. He and Trinity, a Redpill who becomes his lover, go and do some crazy shit and take out 25-ish armed guards with machine guns in some building's lobby, and Neo dodges bullets like the Agents of the system.

He is ruthlessly pursued by Agent Smith, (Hugo Weaving), and at the end Neo is shot and killed by him. But Neo gets up and starts seeing the Matrix classic green-line code letters instead of the false Matrix stuff, and someone comments "He is the One!" (followed by someone else's "no shit, Sherlock, he just came back from the dead"). He jumps in to Agent Smith's body and seems to kill him. The first film ends.

Critical reception

Best. Film. Ever.

Andrew Schlafly's review

"This film is absurd! They revealed our Republican plans for humanity! And to think we would allow dissent or resistance! Utterly redikilous!"

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