A Superpower is a nation that can exert influence worldwide and can sometimes force its influence onto nations and people who would rather not be influenced. Even democratically elected governments sometimes find that they can't do what they choose or what their voters want but have to do what a superpower tells them instead. So superpowers are just that bit undemocratic.

20th Century

In 1944, there were 3 Superpowers, the British Empire, The USSR and the United States. The British colonies were given independence which was a good thing. The USSR broke up which was also good. All we’re left with is American Neo-Colonialism. People outside the United States can't vote in American elections so why should those Americans be telling other democratic governments what to do? China is for practical purposes a super power, what with a nascent little colonial empire in Africa, a puppet regime in Kartoum.


India may become a superpower in the course of the 21st Century as may the European Union and Russia. China is also very likely to become a superpower, partially due to its booming economy.

A map of potential superpowers for the 21st Century

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