A map of South Korea.

South Korea is a capitalist country with a reasonably high standard of living. South Korea appears democratic but elections may be rigged.

Discrimination against Gays is legal in South Korea [1] The majority still imagine being gay is unacceptable but that majority is falling. [2] Despite strong gender inequality in South Korea they elected a Woman president. [3]

The Korean War happened from 1950-1953, separating South Korea and North Korea. See Korea for how Korea came to be divided. South Korea is best Korea and will probably stay that way.

Due to a blend of ancient nationalism and the threat of North Korea, national pride is quite high in South Korea. After 40 years of unstable authoritarianism and five regime changes, the Sixth Republic finally brought stability and democratized the nation.

The nation has universal healthcare, except unlike North Korea, they have enough money that it's actual healthcare and not just something people say. South Korea is one of the "Four Asian Tigers", meaning that from the mid-'50s to the Asian financial crisis, they underwent an economic explosion and rapid industrialization, making all four developed countries in modern day (though Hong Kong is technically pat of China). In fact, in spite of having a near-identical climate to North Korea, it easily escaped the famine by importing food from other nations.

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