Sexual Slavery is servitude which includes involuntary sexual activity.

The concept of Sexual slavery can be very controversial. Opinions of what constitutes sexual slavery, or whether sexual slavery exists in some cases, can have great impact on society. Some may interpret sexual slavery to include coerced as well as forced acts.

Conservative Christianity

Some people on the Religious Right maintain a wife should always submit to her husband whenever he wants sex regardless of how she feels. The husband is expected to be the leader and there is no pressure in him to respect his wife's feelings. Girls are encouraged to Marry early and to avoid much dating before marriage. Therefore girls marry without having enough experience to recognise when a relationship is abusive. Divorce is strongly discouraged.


Our interpretation of what constitutes sexual slavery, may influence our opinion of whether rape can occur within marriage. It may influence our opinion of whether workplace relationships, some professional relationships, and some familial relationships constitute sexual exploitation or sexual slavery. It can even influence our opinion of when and if unwanted pregnancy can become sexual slavery.

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