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Only known photo of Roger Schlafly.

Roger Schlafly is a Sysop in Conservapedia. He brags about something called a "PhD", which must be an acronym, but there is no meaning that fits the context. Isn't a PhD something that Intelligent people get? He seems to disbelieve in relativity and evolution, and leans towards the Geocentric theory of the solar system. [citation needed]

Thankfully Unfortunately he's on Conservapedia less & less, depriving us of fine entertainment and ammunition. An argumentative type, he employs the traditional CP debating style of asking questions of editors but never answering responses, and then banning them. Andrew Schlafly makes up for little Roger's absence in fine style.

From the Einsteinian Age to the Rogerian Era

Favorite quote (from Geocentric Theory): "There is nothing kooky in the article. Everything there has been conventional wisdom for almost a century. Are you claiming that something there is wrong? If so, what?" [1]

The article was much shorter at that time [2] but it continues to exhibit this classical insight of the Schlafly conservatism (schlafervatism), "Since the advent of relativity theory in the early 1900s, the laws of physics have been written in covariant equations, meaning that they are equally valid in any frame. Heliocentric and geocentric theories are both used today, depending on which allows more convenient calculations." Roger that, Roger. I used to be a skeptic until one day I realized what I was doing, I was calculating the time setting on my alarm clock according to when the Sun would rise!

"So, we do agree? The Geocentric theory is different from Geocentric coordinates... "--BRichtigen 13:54, 4 November 2008 (EST) (links weren't in original)

"No. What is the difference? Can you point to some advocate of geocentric theory who relied on that difference?" RSchlafly 14:28, 4 November 2008 (EST)
BWAM! Chalk another one up for the Rog! He's hot tonight.


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