Queen were considered one of the greatest rock bands ever, they had great success throughout out their career from the early '70s until the early '90s when the lead singer Freddie Mercury tragically died of AIDS. A movie entitled Bohemian Rhapsody premiered on November 2, 2018, starring Rami Malek as Freddy Mercury. [1]

Queen represented rock’s bombastic pinnacle. Melding glam-rock with hard-rock, the group’s ornate, multi-tracked recordings and in-your-face songs resulted to worldwide sales of more than 130 million records. Queen took flight in the Seventies, embodying the thrills and excesses of that decade. (...) Queen drew from contemporary music, visual media and pop culture, blowing it all up into a multimedia spectacle grounded in solid rock. [2]

Well Known and Excellent Queen Songs (can't recommend more)

  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Another One Bites the Dust
  • Under Pressure
  • Killer Queen
  • Prophet's song
  • Innuendo
  • I Want it All
  • March of the Black Queen
  • Sheer Heart Attack
  • Great King Rat
  • Don't Stop Me Now
  • Somebody to Love
  • Crazy little Thing Called Love
  • Love of My Life
  • Too Much Love Can Kill You
  • Who Wants to Live Forever
  • Radio Ga Ga
  • Keep Yourself Alive
  • We Will Rock You
  • We are the Champions
  • There Must be More to Live Than This (Leaked unreleased song)
  • I Want to Break Free
  • You're My Best Friend
  • A Kind of Magic
  • One Vision
  • Hammer to Fall
  • Seven Seas of Rhye
  • I'm in Love With My Car
  • Mother Love
  • The Show Must Go On
  • Play the Game
  • All Dead, All Dead
  • Flash Gordon


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