This article attacks Conservative Christians though we recognise that Liberal Christians can be better.

Pure Life Ministries looks like a parody website but we know it isn't because Michael Johnston went there. Lust and Masturbation are serious Sins as far as they are concerned. All the leaders and counselors there have been involved in what they call, “Deep immorality” and say they’ve got out of it. They seem to do more with men than with women.

If being gay were a choice people wouldn't pay so much money and endure those humiliating programs when trying to get out of it.

6-month Live-In Program

They run a 6 month residential program for men involved in, “habitual sexual sin” (That includes Gay men like Michael Johnston.) and they can live together with other men who are deeply involved in something or other that Fundy Christians call sexual sin and have intimate encounters with each other the intimate encounter with God.

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