PragerU is a YouTube channel set up by Dennis Prager, a person who appears to believe that atheists have no morals because he argued on YouTube that if God didn't exist, murder can't be proven wrong because there are no verifiable measurements. (But there are human codes of conduct called laws that everyone has to follow.) It is seen by some as the Fox News of the Internet as it has a relatively large Conservative bias.


The channel's name is short for Prager University. Thank God it's not a real university. But... if it was... we wouldn't try to shut it down because we believe, as Liberals, we ought to believe in free speech.

Some of their talking points

  • The Iraq War may have been based on a lie... but it was great overall because we overthrew a tyrant. Well, tyrants suck ass, but it wasn't great overall because, by the time we leave Iraq, we will have spent $7T there, and people who had jobs in the Iraqi Government had no job anymore and so they combined their need for money with back-of-the-brain, shitty fundamentalism.
  • PragerU appears to believe that being fat is good when it was talking about calorie intake going up by 686 calories which can result in up to 1 pound per week of weight gain in a video about why capitalism is good.
  • PragerU believes that climate change is fake and that fossil fuels are the "greenest energy." (1) This is utterly not true and more proof that, in the words of Noam Chomsky, the Republican organization is the least eco-friendly organization in human history, to put it lightly. They said that fossil fuels are "the greenest energy" and that "you should love" them because burning the planet feeds them Koch money. They used correlations to make the argument and they also believe that the 97% consensus is fake.
  • PragerU believes that liberals do not like free speech and the same thing is true for them more than it is true for liberals because conservatives tend to be more dogmatic, particularly with religion. (look at the definition.) When Alex Jones was banned from a lot of platforms, The Young Turks said that he should not be banned.
  • Gender roles are a necessity for men and women to be happy, since men are Stereotyped as "protectors" and women are stereotyoed as "nurturers". The justification of the claim is backed by a perceived attack on the nature of 2 genders. They implied that they support gender equality while backing gender roles, which naturally gives both genders different sets of rules to play on. Andrew Klavan, the speaker for this video, also said that men's nature is to pursue a career, and implying different conditions for women. This is also too much of a stereotype.