Pope Francis was cool


"We wonder if the new Bishop of Rome will adopt a fresh approach to these issues and take on the Herculean task of cleansing the Catholic equivalent of the Augean stables."- [1]

"Whether out of institutional self-preservation or a true moral searching, Pope Francis appears to be trying to project a warm and welcoming rhetoric that is often undermined by the Church’s judgmental and exclusionary beliefs. But the irony is that the centuries-old Catholic Church is even trying, "- [2]

"What’s so depressing has been the extent to which liberal non-believers have fallen so hook, line and sinker for what is in reality nothing more than a clever repackaging exercise. (…) the Catholic Church - which Pope Francis heads and therefore has the power to change - stands on roughly the same political terrain as it did under the leadership of Pope Benedict. Pope Francis’s position on most issues should make the hair of every liberal curl. Instead we get article after article of saccharine from people who really should know better. (…) But as is so often the case, the search for a hero has resulted in people switching off their critical faculties and overlooking inconvenient truths which don’t align with their worldview."- [3]

" (…) how the Pope has come to be spun as a left-liberal idol. Whenever he proves himself loyal to Catholic teaching — denouncing abortion, for instance, or saying that same-sex marriage is an ‘anthropological regression’ — his liberal fan base turns a deaf ear. "- [4]


"He [Francis] tells us that 'even atheists' can be redeemed and I hope I'm not alone in finding his support for the gay community a little hollow. He's previously made it quite clear that he views homosexuality as "a real and dire anthropological throwback". (…) it's quite clear that this is not support, this is toleration! (…) We're so caught up in the fanfare and aesthetics that the brute facts have become blurred. I don't know about anybody else but I don't much like being patronised and I don't appreciate being told that it's OK to be gay or not catholic. Don't allow yourself to be lectured on morality by an organization which has made damn sure that it hasn't got a leg left to stand on either. (…) The church has been repackaged and re-branded but it seems that the change is primarily a cosmetic one. It's worked though hasn't it? No other man on earth could get away with such condescension, or such loosely veiled insult to our integrity, yet still manage to come out so clean."- [5]

Francis has become uncool


Doesn’t really matter what Francis likes — the Pope is SO over… Yep, Maureen Dowd of the New York Times, Damon Linker at The Week, Amanda Marcotte at Slate and even Jamie Manson (et tu?) at the National Catholic Reporter declare that Pope Francis is no longer cool. And he might be really uncool. And then when Father Z agrees with them — happily — well, you know that whole pope-apalooza is officially over. Let the trend stories begin! [6]

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