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Official flag of Pennsylvania


A physical map of Pennsylvania[1]

Pennsylvania is a state of America and borders New York State, New Jersey, Ohio, West Virginia, and Maryland.

The capital of Pennsylvania is Harrisburg, but Philadelphia is the largest city. [2] Philadelphia is one of the most historic cities in the nation, as the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall are both located in it, it is also home to a lot of trees. Pennsylvania is one of the original 13 colonies that broke away from Great Britain and signed the Declaration of Independence.

Some rural parts of Pennsylvania are unfortunately very Conservative but other areas like Philadelphia are Liberal.

During the September 11, 2001 attacks, one of the hijacked planes called Fight 93 landed in a rural field.[3]

2016 Election

In 2016, The State narrowly voted for Republican nominee Donald Trump, making him the 45th President of The United States. The Neocons in Pennsylvania got what they wanted.

2020 Election

Fortunately, Pennsylvania voters learned their lesson from 2016, and voted for president elect Joe Biden, Hopefully they will continue to vote blue in future elections and no longer make Pennsylvania a swing state!

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of Donald Trump crying himself to sleep over the fact that Pennsylvania vote counters aren’t keen on suppression, and won’t stop counting votes

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