The Occupy movement (also known as Occupy Wall Street or Occupy Democrats) is a series of protests that began on September 17 2011. It was initiated by Adbusters, and is protesting the economic crisis since 2008 and the bailouts Obama gave. The first protests began in New York City, and the protests are known as Occupy Wall Street. Protests have spread to very many other cities including London, Rome, Toronto and Washington, D.C.. Like the teabaggers, they know that their tax money is not spent how it is supposed to, although they are not stupid and want to reform the government rather than cut taxes and kill Obama.

People in the movement include Liberals, Socialists, Social Democrats, Democrats, Libertarians, and Moderates. It is very disorganized.

They came up with the slogan "We are the 99%" which is to reference how 99% of the population only has >40% of the wealth.

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