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A Nun is an exploited woman who devotes her whole life to serving a Religious Cult the Roman Catholic Church or some other religious organisation.

Sex and marriage

A nun is called the Bride of Christ, she may wear a beautiful wedding dress when she takes her vows and she may wear a wedding ring afterwards. Despite this being married to Jesus isn’t about Sex, Jesus never comes to the many nuns he’s married and Jesus never gives them what a loving wife wants from her husband. So for many nuns their marriage to Jesus is about being sexually frustrated and hoping to meet Jesus in Heaven. Some nuns can accept being virgins for Jesus, others have relationships with priests and/or other men, Nuns even go with other women [1]. Whether they go with men or women they can always do Confession afterwards.

An ice cream company featured a priest and nun about to kiss in an advertisement and got into trouble, see

The pictures are pleasantly erotic without being porn.

Having a baby

Being a nun means never having a baby as most married women do, at least a nun can’t get pregnant unless she’s broken her vows. Can a nun conceive a baby immaculately the way Roman Catholics imagine believe try to convince themselves Jesus was conceived? People think that’s a mockery. Well an ice cream company put out advertisements in the UK featuring a nun who they pretended had conceived immaculately and Roman Catholics felt insulted, Roman Catholics even tried to get it banned, see

But the lady in the advertisement looks attractive.

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