Nigel Paul Farage
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Chairman Farage
Political party: Conservative (Before 1993)

UK Independence Party (1993–2019) Brexit Party (2019-present)

Religion: Anglicanism
Born April 3 1964

Farage failed because enough people recognised that the limit of his capabilities was channelling anger, not crafting solutions. (...) Farage didn’t merely fail to land a killer blow on Cameron, he did the prime minister a favour (and not just by taking votes from Labour). He marked out a boundary of civilised conservative politics and stood on the wrong side. He indulged cranks, obsessives and racists, many of whom would otherwise have been contaminating the Tory ticket. [1]

Nigel Paul Farage is the leader of the Brexit Party. He strongly supports Brexit.

Farage's car wheels were apparently sabotaged in a assassination attempt.[2]


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