Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg, is the leader of the United Kingdom Liberal Democrat Party and also serves as Deputy Prime Minister of the UK. He was appointed as Deputy Prime Minister following the UK 2010 general election which resulted in a Coalition Government. He was elected as party leader on December 18th, 2007 after Menzies Campbell, resigned the party leadership for the crime of being only slightly younger than John McCain[1]. As Deputy Prime Minister he is directly involved in governing the United Kingdom.


Nick Clegg declared his priorities as; defending civil liberties; devolving the running of public services to parents, pupils and patients; and protecting the environment. [2]. None of which has actually been evident in the legislation issued by the coalition government. This has created the (probably correct) impression that the Conservatives are going to be just as right-wing and Thatcherite as ever and the used-to-be-Liberals are going to go along with it to be in proximity to power. Unsurprisingly, this has caused Clegg's popularity among actual liberals to nose-dive. Nick Clegg has also publicly admitted to being an atheist,[3] [4] which goes to show that you can't generalise about atheists. This fuels Andrew Schlafly's beliefs that Britain is becoming a "very liberal place" (which is good). [5]


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