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New england

A map of New England.

New England is a part of the continental United States and is the second English colony (regardless of what the incorrect as usual Wikipedia article says). The Puritans landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620, whereas the first colony was Virginia, in 1607. Ironically, New England became less Puritanical and more enlightened while Virgina has been getting more Puritanical and more embarrassing by the day (have you seen their Governor? or that homophobe AG?). Now, when people who work in Washington DC live in Virginia, they lie and say they live in Maryland. But I digress...


New England consists of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and some say Maine, though Maine was a part of Canada when it was first settled by the French in 1604 (in the area now known as "Maine"). New England is one of the most liberal parts of the United States of America, along with California, New York State, Hawaii, Washington D.C. and arguably New Jersey. However, it did vote for Ronald Reagan in 1984, along with the rest of the country. Now that was bad. Also, the new England is not the old one.

We think New England is at least three standard deviations above the mean regional awesomeness.

The states in New England are:


Education in New England is considered the best in the country. Many of the most elite universities are located in the New England Area. Many colleges listed on the List of Top 70 Most Liberal Colleges in America are located in New England, most of which are private universities. Many of the Ivy League institutions are located in the area as well.

Other elite colleges and universities in New England include University of Vermont, Tufts, Smith, Marlboro and Clark.


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