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The titlecard for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

My Little Pony is a cartoon about talking, sentient miniature horses, some of which have horns, wings, or both. When the 4th generation, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was created, the Internet noticed it, and it's popularity exploded.

Conservatives and My Little Pony

Well, we know this exaggerates, but there's an element of truth.

Conservatives have a different viewpoint than the characters of 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic'. Of course, Equestria can be an actual utopia of friendship since it's a cartoon meant to teach children to value friendship.

Extremist Conservatives, as they generally dislike anything that contains Happiness, Puppies, Butterflies, or tolerance, hate My Little Pony.

After all My Little Pony discourages Xenophobia (S1EP9), refers to the Earth being round (S2EP11), and one of the main characters has a Rainbow-coloured mane and is Tomboy-ish, and there's a Lesbian couple, [1] and the ponies have a government system that appears to be a Socialist Monarchy. As well as that, the moon going in and the moon going out are explained by 'magic' instead of 'God', which is obvious Witchcraft and must be destroyed. The ponies will create a law where it is illegal to swim the ocean or else megalodons will eat them or abandon nuclear submarines will explode from all the cruise missiles and torpedoes.

At least they may tolerate My Little Pony for sweet little Girls but it's not right at all for tough manly Boys or grown Men. [2] [3]


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