The secular character of our age and culture has brought about a rational attitude toward the past and an unprecedented openness toward the future. Everything in the modern era seems to be in motion, change and transition toward the future. Our age is by far the most complex period in human history and the most dynamic at one. While Modernity is just a small fraction in the whole history of mankind it is certainly the age that has brought more rapid change in human life than any previous in human history. (...) There is a strong feeling of advancing and speeding up in the constant search for renewal. The perpetual transformations that supersede every achieved stage of development affect everything, from life style and the way how we work and govern ourselves up to the way how we think and express ourselves. [1]
If it's Modern then Conservatives probably don't like it.

Many modern ideas like Liberalism, the Welfare state and Social Democracy are very good.

Still new ideas need to be tested as a few may be bad.

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  1. Western Civilization the Idea of Modernity
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