McJuggerNuggets is a YouTube channel run and owned by Jesse Ridgway. The channel has nearly 3.5 million subscribers as of April 2017.


At the start of each video, Jesse Ridgway refers to his subscribers and viewers as "Juggies". Although around two-thirds of these people are children between the ages of 7 and 12. New videos are released on average once per day, mostly taking place at his house in Elmer, New Jersey. Jesse has a full-time cameraman by the name of Parker Zippel, although a different cameraperson was on-duty until May of 2016.

The most successful series produced by McJuggerNuggets is The Psycho Series, running from December 2012 until June 2016 with a total of fifty "Psycho Videos". The series revolves around a kid named Jesse who is constantly abused and gets his electronics destroyed by his father (Psycho Dad). Part one of the series involved his older brother recording chaos around the house while trying to antagonize "Psycho Dad" in order to get Jesse in trouble. "Psycho Dad" throughout the series constantly tells Jesse to find a job outside of YouTube, with Jesse always telling him that YouTube is a job (newsflash: it actually is!). However, "Psycho Dad" defines a "job" as getting out of the house. On multiple occasions, "Psycho Dad" kicks Jesse out of the house due to his shenanigans or disobeying his rules. Near the end of the series, Jesse is forced by his father to work on a farm with his uncle. The main supervisor of the farm is a far-right conservative who does not allow her children to watch the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel due to his profanity. However, Jesse quits the farm job after about a month and is once again excommunicated from his house (though not directly by his father this time). At the end of the series, Jesse has had enough of his father and decides to murder him followed by fleeing to Switzerland. This is where he finally announces this series is fake (which means his father is alive).

Many "Juggies" believed until the very end that the series was in fact real simply because Jesse said it was. Many of these people were between the ages of 7 and 12.

Other series' produced by Jesse are Overachievers, The G.A.M.E. and Rule 19.

General Reception


Jesse Crying Because His Video Games Got Shredded

For the most part, Jesse's material is met with positive reviews. However some fans have called him out on his poor decisions and behaviors (especially throughout the Psycho Series). Many Republican and Conservative parents have a strong dislike toward the McJuggerNuggets channel due to his use of profanity as well the "destruction of family values". Another reason why right-wingers hate Jesse is simply because he told his father in one video he was an Atheist.

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