Martin Van Buren
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Mr. Van Buren
Political Party: Democratic-Republican Party (1799–1828)

Democratic (1828–48; 1852–62) Free Soil (1848–52)

Profession: Lawyer, politician
Religion Dutch Reformed
Born December 5, 1782
Died July 24, 1862 (aged 79)

Martin Van Buren (December 5, 1792-July 24, 1862) was, like Andrew Jackson, one of the chief founders of the original Democratic Party. The Democratic Party of back then is similar to the Republican Party of today, in that it was socially conservative.

Ahem, anyway, he was like his predecessor Andrew Jackson, and future presidents Warren G. Harding, James K. Polk, Franklin Pierce,  and George W. Bush in that he was racist against all non-white business lords. He supported the Panic of 1837 because he was too rich to be affected by it, and he supported the "state's right" of Slavery, scoring high amongst The South.

He was the first president born as an American subject and his first language was Dutch not American.

He served as Andrew Jackson's Vice President form 1833-1837 before winning a Presidential term of his own in 1836. He was defeated in 1840 by William Henry Harrison, whom he had previously defeated in 1836. Van Buren tried twice to get back into the White House in 1844 and 1848 but failed.

Pros & Cons


  • He set up a bond system to help fund the national debt
  • A well spoken and talented politician in his early career
  • Stopped the spread of slavery in the North... sort of...


  • Defended slavery as a right in the South
  • Raging alcoholic
  • Spent tons of tax payer money on luxuries from overseas
  • Furthered the ‘Trail of Tears’ – the disastrous forced relocation of the Cherokee people
  • Continued the (ill advised) Jacksonian policy of decentralizing banks, which contributed to the Panic of 1837 which directly caused a myriad of catastrophic bank failures, five full years of economic depression, record unemployment levels and rioting in the streets.
  • Repeatedly tried to get back into the White House despite his 1840 defeat...