Mark Adam Foley
20160129 031940.jpg
Mr. Foley
Political Party: Republican
Education: Palm Beach State College
Occupation Politician
Born September 8, 1954

Mark Adam Foley was a Republican Congressman and just one more instance of painfully sweet hypocrisy.

Foley was due to speak out about the scandal for the first time in ten years On February 26 2016.[1]

Why he's despised

In around the time of the fifth annversary of 9/11 in September of 2006 it was revealed that he held sexual conversations with teens from 1995-2005. He liked to ask youngsters, 16 to 20 years old questions like, "Have you ever seen your roommates naked? How big are their penises? He asked for photos of teenagers' erect penises, there's more. That hypocrite also served on committees recommendation legislation to protect kids from sexual predators, well he certainly understood the temptations. [2]

He resigned on September 29 2006.[3]

Roman Catholic child abuse

Foley grew up in a Roman Catholic family and was an altar boy in his teens. When under fifteen Foley had an inappropriate relationship with a Roman Catholic priest named Anthony Mercieca which may have influenced the way Foley turned out. [4]

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