Maafa 21 is a 2009 anti-abortion propaganda documentary that was released in June 2009 directed by Mark Crutcher and narrated by Markus Lloyd. The film tries to put a bad face on the pro-choice movement and attacks Blacks who are pro-choice as well.


The title is taken from the Swahili term "Maafa", which means "tragedy" or "disaster", and is used to describe the centuries of oppression and diaspora resulting from slavery. "21" refers to the 'maafa' of the 21st Century, which the film claims is legalized abortion. The film discusses some of Planned Parenthood's origins (formerly the American Birth Control League) as they lie about it such as attributing to it a "150-year-old goal of exterminating the black population." Poverty among black people makes it harder for them to keep their children and give their children a good living standard. If rich Republicans really want to reduce abortions among black Americans they should work to reduce poverty among black Americans. Why don’t they?

the film attacks the mother of birth control Margaret Sanger along with other birth control advocates as racist eugenicists. The film extremely and wrongfully paints abortion as the so-called #1 killer of African-Americans and adding more exaggerations like abortion allegedly killing 2.8 times as many black people than HIV/AIDS, gang violence, accidents, cancer, and heart disease combined. Incidentally health issues and fighting violence are way more important than what the people of this propaganda nonsense put forward.

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