A Liberal Arts Education is NOT Liberal in the slightest. The curriculum mainly consists of classes that were taught in high school as well as the courses pertaining to one's degree. This is common practice for universities in America. The common corporate, greedy agenda used by many college presidents is that these courses will make the student more "well-rounded". The truth is that these classes are required so that the university can make more money through textbooks and extra tuition. The term "Liberal Arts" is also a code-word for "general education".

The Argument

Many young college students complain about having to take these extra courses for many different reasons including:

  • These classes probably have LITTLE or NOTHING to do with one's degree they want to pursue.
  • The universities require ALL students take these classes NO MATTER what the degree
  • The textbooks required for these classes are expensive, and overpriced
  • It's just one of many extra classes that will further delay getting a Bachelor's Degree


The Liberal Arts curriculum contains loads of "general education" courses that should have been finalized in high school. This is commonplace in American higher education. Even the public universities that don't qualify as a "Liberal Arts University" have general education classes.

Many more classes can be added by greedy, corporate bastards (college chancellors/presidents)