Left liberalism is a form of liberalism which cares about support for vulnerable people and freedom for everybody. Left Liberals sometimes disagree with the centre-left and classical liberalism. Left Liberalism aligns more with modern liberalism such as social liberal ideas.

Freedom for everybody

Left liberals believe freedom for Poor people matters as well as freedom for better off people. Left liberals care about Welfare provision, Universal Health Care and the like. Left Liberals also care about empowering poor people to get education or job training so they can escape poverty.

Comparing Left Liberalism with other ideologies

  1. Left Liberalism wants to achieve equality by empowering individuals and protecting vulnerable people from domination and exploitation by more powerful individuals and groups. There is an overlap here with Social Democracy.
  2. Traditional Socialists (as Left Liberals see things) sometimes want to achieve equality by empowering the state to protect vulnerable people and groups.
  3. Right Liberals (as Left Liberals see things) are concerned with freedom and equal rights but are not always active enough in ensuring that everybody has freedom, a reasonable living standard etc. Right Liberals focus more on freedom for Business interests to do things their way which can mean exploitation of ordinary people and even more exploitation of vulnerable people.

There is an overlap between Left Liberals, Socialists and Social democrats as all three see a role for the state in ensuring equality and protecting the vulnerable. Socialists tend to trust democratically elected governments while Left Liberals focus more on limiting the role of the state to the minimum needed to achieve their goals.


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