Laura lies, lies and lies again!

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Laura Ingraham is a shrill American conservative. She hosted a Television show in the Fox News Channel, a local US based comedy channel, called Just In, and now serves there as a commentator and guest host for Bill O'Reilly. She is known for avoiding taking lunch in restaurants out of the Fear that homosexual waiters might expose her to AIDS. [1]

Laura Ingraham is a Conservative shrew who, if you were merely to say hi to, would drop to her knees for a quick and dirty, perhaps. See laura Ingraham Sucks. She is Racist, see Laura Ingraham the Racist and said that the White House should nail down the furniture cause Al Sharpton was coming to the White House.

She looks like a bit of an alcoholic, she's on the sauce. Well she loves alcohol.

She has a tattoo of a butterfly on her lower back.

It's a comforting thought that most people in the world have no idea who she is and, quite frankly, don't care two hoots.

She defened Donald Trump's 9/11 lie.[1] On January 8 2018 Controversy erupted where Ingraham shared a Twitter tweet from an ally of a Nazi KKK shitbag David Duke but she denied endorsing his ally[2]


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