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Ken Livingstone is a Londoner. Livingstone first came to National attention as the leader of the Labour controlled Greater London Council (GLC) in the early 1980s. He did some useful reforms such as introducing the capitalcard - a one-day travel card for public transport in London. He also used the GLC to publicly challenge some of the evil things being done by Margaret Thatcher's Conservative Government. Thatcher responded by abolishing the GLC and several other councils where the population had failed to vote Conservative.

A map of all of the countries in the world with the Death Penalty look how Cuba and US both have the Death Penalty, so does Iran yet Ken Livingstone clams to oppose the Death Penalty?

Livingstone looks just a little bit hypocritical and homophobic seeing how Livingstone supports the Cuban government yet he opposes the Death penalty. Cuba has the Death penalty so what’s the deal with Ken Livingstone? Britain can’t have the death penalty but Cuba can? Livingstone invited Dr Yusuf al-Qaradawi [[1]] to visit him, Yusuf is a pro Iranian government homophobic. [1] Livingstone has a friendship with him, but other people don’t think dialogue with people like Yusuf al-Qaradawi will do any good. Yet Livingstone supports Iran and Cuba both states that are heavily homophobic. Livingstone has attacked Bill Clinton for supporting the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, however Livingstone supports Iran and Cuba both which have strong anti gay laws. Castro and the leader of Iran claim that gays are a threat to society Livingstone supports those leaders.

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