John Tyler
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Mr. Tyler
Political Party: Whig & Democratic
Education: College of William and Mary
Religion Deism


Born March 29, 1790
Died January 18, 1862 (aged 71)

John Tyler was the 10th President of the United States. He was the first Vice President to succede to the Presidency following the death of William Henry Harrison. A lifelong Democratic-Republican, Tyler was nonetheless the VP nomination for the Whig Party. After becoming President, Tyler angered many Whigs like Henry Clay by vetoing practically all of their agenda.

In 2012 his grandson (no joke) Harrison Tyler was interviewed[1] [2]

Pros & Cons


  • Was very anti-Jackson (despite originally being in the same political party)
  • Opened up trade negotiations with China
  • Expanded the Monroe Doctrine to Hawaii
  • Known for having the craziest (non-political) parties


  • Was considered very difficult to work with
  • Completely disregarded the Whig party that got him elected
  • Annexed Texas as a slave state
  • Vetoed nearly every bill Congress approved
  • Later joined the Confederacy
  • Married a woman half his age...