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John Paul II was the Polish Pope, originally Karol Józef Wojtyła. John Paul II was the first Non-Italian pope for very many centuries. John Paul II reigned a long time and under his rule doctrinal modernisation in the Roman Catholic Church was strongly resisted.

Child abuse

There were many Priest Child Molestation Scandals brewing during the reign of John Paul II who delegated the task of covering things up to his capable deputy, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, later, Benedict XVI. Ratzinger did the cover up work thoroughly and efficiently, therefore most scandals didn't come to light till after John Paul's death.

Were they really saints?

John Paul II declared many new Saints, the saintliness of some like Mother Teresa is unclear. After his death John Paul II was also declared a saint. Non-Catholics may wonder if somebody who presided over so many child abuse cover-ups really was saintly.

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