Johnny Reid Edwards
20151010 111423.jpg
Mr. Edwards
Political party: Democratic Party
Education: North Carolina State University

University of North Carolina Law School

Religion United Methodist Church
Born June 10, 1953

John Edwards is a former Senator from North Carolina. Vice Presidential Candidate in 2004 for John Kerry. Seen by (or in some cases was, most as a good liberal and as against the war in Iraq.

He is pro-union.

He is seen by some Americans as phony and too much of a lawyer and blamed for why medical costs are too high, because of his bogus lawsuits, such as when he sued a pool company who's equipment lead to the horrific death of a little girl.

He is against gay marriage. His wife is for it, though.

He tried to win the Democratic nomination for presidential candidate in the 2008 election. He didn't do too badly in the early primaries, but just before Super Tuesday he pulled out of the race.

Sadly had an affair which damaged his reputation for the moment, taking away the only true voice of poverty in 2008.


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