Tea-bagging Alaskans since August 2010

Not to be confused with a footballer with the same name

Joe Miller is an Alaskan politician who is very far-right even by Tea Party standards.

Sarah Palin endorsed Miller in the Alaskan Republican United States Senate primary held on August 24th, 2010. Even Palin seems open-minded compared to him. In a shocking upset, he beat out Moderate Republican incumbent Lisa Murkowski. However Murkowski announced on September 17, she would contest the general election as a write-in.

"Prop 2," an anti-abortion measure that prevented abortions for teens without explicit parental consent, was also being voted on in the primary ballot. Abortion rights was something Lisa Murkowski supported, and Prop 2 was said to have been a wedge issue. So Conservatives against Abortion rights would vote on the issue along with voting for Miller in the primary since he was pro-life. He is very conservative on many standards, such as environmental issues where he is a Climate Change denier,[1] gay marriage, Abortion. Also, he is against Public Education and the Minimum Wage.

In a stunning upset, he was defeated by Murkowski, who wasn't even on the ballot.