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Jimmy Wales is the founder of Wikipedia. He identifies as a Libertarian.[1] He also identies as an Atheist and an Objectivist. The Wiki movement owes a great debt to Jimbo because he showed that wikis can work. Without Jimbo’s example wikis like Liberapedia quite possibly wouldn’t exist (especially because Liberapedia is part of Wikia, which Jimbo also runs). Wikipedia is so large and the more popular articles are so good it’s difficult to improve them further within the framework Jimbo allows. This is frustrating and many Wikipedians are leaving Wikipedia. New Wikis are being formed giving scope for things that Jimbo forbids on Wikipedia. Over time the Cyber world will find out how well Wikis can succeed outside Jimbo’s plan Some users of Liberapedia have described Jimmy Wales as the Dictator of Wikipedia, and that Liberals and Social Democrats have a low amount of influence on Wikipedia, and are blocked for attempting to make Wikipedia more balanced in terms of information by removing Conservative and libertarian propaganda. Another claim that has been made is that Jimmy Wales is a cult figure. Some also claim that wikis such as this one are used to cover up supposed conservative bias on Wikipedia. Some also criticise his fundraisers, saying that they do not offer choice in what the Money will go to, even though there are no possible choices to be had.

The criticisms in this section are less true today (2015) than they were round 2008-2009 when much of this article was written.


Jimbo regularly has fundraisers in order to keep Wikipedia up and running. These are a necessity, since Wikipedia is free and has no advertisements. The purpose of not having advertisements is to prevent Wikipedia from becoming biased. If Wikipedia depended on companies selling products to stay afloat, it would become biased toward those companies and products. Wikipedia is a free source of easily accessible and fairly reliable information.

Jimbo and Wikia

Jimbo seems to have a slightly different plan for Wikia that allows small Wikis and editors more Freedom. So far Jimbo has forced advertisements we don't like onto Liberapedia and forced changes in page design onto us. Liberapedia also has no say over the pages that appear in the "Read more" sections that appear at the bottoms of pages though many readers probably think we chose them. Anyway we're waiting and hoping worse won't happen later.

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