Isolationism is the ideology that your specific country, to stay in its own best interests, should stay out of global affairs. The US tried to follow this until around World War I, when the Globalization Liberals gained consiousness in the American government. The US then entered the war, and would enter the European World War II as well.

The nations of continental Europe have never really experienced isolationism, as they were once mostly united together under several ungodly large empires like the Holy Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire. Britain, however, could be arguably isolating itself; for example, despite being a member of the European Union, Britain still haven't accepted the Euro.


Today, many staunch conservatives and neocons cling to an isolationist philosophy, if mostly in America. [citation needed] This would entail

  1. Giving all our colonies commonwealths back to Spain, Canada, the natives, and Russia
  2. Building a wall around continental USA
  3. Stopping all trade between America and the rest of the world
  4. Eliminating all immigration into the US
  5. Not letting people even leave the US
  6. Letting the rest of the world to annihilate itself if things took a turn for the worst

Why would these things be wrong? Well,

  1. Many of the inhabitants of these commonwealths, such as Puerto Rico, Alaska, and Hawaii feel very much like real Americans, as they would be excluded from a democracy and given back to the Russian government, which isn't a real democracy, or the Spanish monarchy. Regardless of where an American lives, they will be 99% anti-monarchy.
  2. What Tom Tancredo basically wants to do. If the others annihilate themselves radiation form World War III will spread to the USA.