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The Iron Age came after the Bronze Age. There was a period of a few centuries when bronze and iron were both used while iron smelting techniques gradually spread. The Iron Age was the period when mankind figured out how to mine and smelt iron ore, and fabricate "things" from the resulting metal. This first occurred around 1200 BCE in Northern Turkey.

Stages in development

The Iron Age is the final stage of the three ages of early human development, after the Stone Age and Bronze Age, a long, trial-and-error process that Young Earth Creationists have difficulty comprehending. The Persians would be an example of an Iron Age civilization.

Iron Age relgion

Iron Age Jews believed the Old Testament and wrote further sections of it. There may have been a time when the Israelites had no technology to overcome iron chariots and couldn’t inflict the usual Old Testament Genocide on enemies with iron chariots. See Judges 1 19 and also Iron Chariots This one’s funny.

Chariots were very powerful therefore Bronze Age people as well as Iron Age people thought chariots were worthy of the gods and goddesses. Some Iron Age people also believed that the sun rides through the sky in a chariot, the Ancient Greeks believed a sun god called Helios drives a chariot with fire breething horses, the Romans called the same god Sol.

Indeed people carried on believing in a chariot carrying the sun right into historic times. The Nordic people believed that wolves Manegarm and Skoll chased the sun through the sky and would eventually catch and eat her. Mythology didn’t become any more sensible while new metal smelting techniques were developing and spreading.

How far have we come?

We've come pretty far technologically speaking since the Iron Age. Despite this, some people refuse to listen to reason and prefer to hold the scribblings from this era as sacred when rationalists now know it is bullshit. And in the 21st Century Christian fundamentalists still believe stuff that's not at all Logical or realistic, like Noah's flood. Some religions haven't impoved at all since the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.

Other uses

The main benefit of the Iron Age was that ladies could press their gentlemen's clothes readily by using an "iron" — a domestic appliance designed to apply steady even heat via a smooth surface to clothing. Prior to the electrification of everywhere, a good pressing was typically administered by a sad iron,[1] so called "because it made a woman sad to use it." [2]


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