Sometimes the sillier Conservatives can't even tell when we're joking.

A funny parody of the Internet Explorer logo

Internet Explorer is the conservative web browser. Though its creator has since repented his evil ways and joined the side of good, in his transformation he left this browser behind to be polluted by the Neocons. This browser is heavily criticized, for example, it lacks built in java.

It is widely assumed that Andrew Schlafly uses Internet Explorer to make his "edits" on Conservapedia.

Timeline of Internet Explorer

  • IE 1-2 At first nobody payed much attention to the evil scourge of IE, and Netscape was still widely used at the time.
  • IE 3 During the third version, realized August 1996, Internet Explorer became more popular. It contained subliminal messages that told users to worship Bill Gates of Microsoft, use Windows, and keep using Internet Explorer as their default browser. It was very good at its job.
  • IE 4 was released in September 1997. Its goal was to was to integrate into the Windows OS. It also came with ActiveX, a IE feature that was supposed to allow the user to play cool games (making it look cooler than Netscape) but in fact, just gave the user a ton of viruses.
  • IE 5 (March 1999) was released for Windows 98 SE, and later windows 2000 and windows ME. It was known for finishing the job and destroying Netscape forever. It also came with a downloader of malware, but this was still in beta, the final release of this feature came in IE6
  • IE 6 (August 27, 2001) was realized for Windows XP and was the worst, and unfortunately the most popular version to date. The creator of this article predicted it would still by widely used in 2009, and he was correct. The little thing in the top-right hand corner is a Nazi Swastika. It comes with a great feature:It can now automatically download viruses and spyware. Yippee.

Internet Explorer 6 on its default home page. The user can change it but it will be reverted back by Spyware.

Internet Explorer 7 hasn't changed at all...

  • IE 7 (Final release date: October 18, 2006) Internet Explorer 7 came with a a redesigned Firefox rip-off interface that makes it much harder to use any thing as most people don't look on the right side of the address bar for the stop and refresh buttons (that's were the go button goes, they are supposed to go UNDER or LEFT of the address bar) and the home and options menu were thrown awkwardly on the right. This may be because Internet Explorer is right winged. Also, the minimum security setting is medium, so it is proven that Microsoft cares more about security than fun, or freedom for that matter, considering the high number of lawsuits made by them over their products.
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