An Incel, formally known as Involuntary Celibate or Inceldom, is a self-proclaimed label given mostly by males who have trouble finding sexual mates. Oftentimes, this comes with misogynistic, racist, and homophobic viewpoints on society usually manifesting from their history of rejection. Many associating with the "incel" group believe they are "genetically inferior" usually blaming jawline formation under the realm of "better-developed jawlines attract women, and those with short jawlines are doomed." Specific subcultures of this group refer to the best-looking men as "Chads" and the best-looking women as "Stacys." Some men view themselves as such due to being socially-awkward or having a condition such as autism.


Elliott Rodger from California wrote a near-150 page manifesto about his life complaining about how he could never attract women no matter what he did in his short life. On May 23, 2014, he shot and killed six people with guns and by plowing a rented van into several individuals. He committed suicide before the police could arrest him. The term "incel" was not well-known until this incident. 

Alek Minassian from Toronto, Canada, plowed a van into pedestrians killing ten people on April 23, 2018. He praised Elliott Rodger during the jail interview after his arrest. He was described as "socially-awkward" by some of his university classmates, and also described the "incel community" during the jail interview.

The October 2019 movieJoker, stirred controversy from several media outlets who believed the subject matter of the film would "incite incel violence" Joker is the only R-rated film (rated "15" in the UK) to gross at least $1 billion at the box office. No acts of terror have occurred as a result of this movie.

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