Hunter Avallone is a conservative YouTuber born in 1996 in Maryland. Hunter Avallone's content on YouTube is mainly conservative bullshit that nobody likes. He is also a strong supporter of Donald Trump, which he still likes even after the shitty things he's done to America.

Why Nobody except Conservatives Likes Him?

He Hated LGBT

Hunter Avallone was a very homophobic man, he hated gay people because he thaught gay people are stupid. According to RationalWiki he has now become an Atheist and accepts Gay marriage.[1]


50% of Hunter Avallone's Content is about the famous website BuzzFeed. He basically makes fun of the website, which is very original. He plays the quizzes about social issues such as Feminism and Privilege. Some sources say that he actually likes BuzzFeed. Get a life, man!

He is a Trump supporter

Even though Hunter Avallone is a millennial that grew up in Maryland, when Bush was president. He likes conservatism and stupid Republican politicians, such as the trumpster himself. Hunter Avallone has said billions of times that he supports Trump.

Youtube Channel

How the Whole Damn Thing got started

Hunter Avallone joined YouTube on March 23, 2014 and currently has 300k subscribers. He probably just buys subscribers or stupid rednecks subscribe to see Pro-Trump content.

The Content

Hunter Avallone's content is mostly about BuzzFeed, Feminism, LGBT, Black-Lives-Matter, and leans far-right on all of them. Hunter Avallone's views on Feminism, LGBT-equality and Blacks-Lives-Matter are they are all stupid as fuck and need to die now or else.


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