Grounding is a type of punishment used on older kids, tweens and teens. It usually involves getting an item of the child's interest taken away for a set period of time. Grounding also involves the kid not being able to leave their room, the house or perform a certain activity. Grounding is commonly used by parents on both sides of the political spectrum. Grounding is a safer, and usually more effective, alternative to spanking.

Reasons for Being Grounded (Logical)

  • Bullying others
  • Profusely lying
  • Skipping school/Truancy
  • Theft
  • Staying out WAY past curfew

Reasons for Being Grounded (Illogical)

These are reasons that mostly Conservative parents ground their children:

  • Skipping Church
    • Or refusing to go to Church
  • Having any sexuality other than heterosexuality
    • They might just send you to straight camp instead
  • Being Atheist
  • Voting Democrat in an election

Grounded in College?

Some fundie schools in the United States, especially the stricter ones, have a "campusing" policy, meaning that a student is confined to the college campus for certain infractions. Sometimes, a student can be confined to his/her dorm room during certain times of the day.

Popular Culture

TV shows such as Malcolm in the Middle and South Park sometimes have child characters get grounded.

GoAnimate is a site where a user can post a video on YouTube, although 99.9% of these videos involve somebody getting grounded. Usually the grounded characters are "baby-show characters" such as Caillou, Barney and Little Bill. Grounding periods on GoAnimate last for too long (e.g. 32198590385713790257890643724847510983561892037589103465910435680913659063501635492 years).

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