George Mason
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Mr. Mason
Occupation: Landowner
Nationality: American
Religion Anglican, Episcopalian
Born December 11, 1725
Died October 7, 1792 (aged 66)

George Mason IV (1725-1792)

George Mason is uncredited, and largely forgotten but Mr. Mason is perhaps the most important of all the Founding Fathers. Thomas Jefferson called Mason "the wisest man of his generation". George Washington claimed Mason as his mentor.

Fairfax Resolves

At a series of meetings in July of 1774, citizens of Fairfax County Virginia adopted the Fairfax Resolves, primarily authored by George Mason, to send with their delegates to the Convention of the Colony of Virginia.[1][2]

Virginia Declaration of Rights

In May of 1776, George Mason wrote The Virginia Declaration of Rights. Mason's Draft was widely reprinted in June of 1776, and had an immediate impact. This is probably the most important Liberal document of the American Revolution.

Religious Views

Mr. Mason was a Christian of the Anglican/Episcopalian denomination. Mr. Mason was a champion of disestablishment, and freedom of religion. During the the Colonial period and into the early days of The United States, many states had established State Religion. All residents were required to pay to support the State religion. Established State Religions were important motivations in the establishment, or separation of early Colonies, and the payment of tithes to the established denomination by members of other denominations or religions was a point of contention. After disestablishment, members of other congregations were admitted to full Civil rights, and were free to support only the congregation they favored.


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