A picture of the rainforest in Central America

A Forest is where large numbers of Trees grow together. There are Tropical Rainforests and there are also temperate forests.


The Rainforest is a magical world full of wonderful animals and beautiful plants that every human should love. If you look on Youtube you should see plenty about why rainforests are beautiful. Rainforests have tall trees, a vast diversity of plants and animals and of course rain. A great many rainforests are cut down. This can cause extinction of Endangered species. Deforestation also adds to soil erosion because the trees help hold soil and increases the risk of flooding because trees hold water. [1]

Temperate forest

Temperate forests grow in east Australia, Canada, Chile China, Europe, Japan, Korea, Russia and the United States. There are fewer different species than in the tropics but what there is can be beautiful. Deforestation has also affected temperate forests. [2] [3]

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