A fire drill is a safety procedure mostly used in schools to familiarize students on how to evacuate a building in the case of a fire. Both Conservatives and Liberals believe fire drills are important and should be performed regularly.

United States

Most states require at least one (1) fire drill per month school is in session.

Some New England states, such as New Jersey and Rhode Island, require a greater frequency of fire drills such as twice/month or 15x/Year.

Most colleges and universities conduct at least one (1) fire drill per semester on average. These mostly occur in dorms during the middle of the night.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom requires schools to hold one (1) fire drill per term/semester (twice/school year) [3].

Fundie Schools

Word of Life Bible Institute-New York

Word of Life Bible Institute in New York (and presumably the location in Florida as well) has very strange fire drill procedures. For both drills and real-fires alike, the gathering points are based on seniority, race and gender, rather than dorm location. For more information, see our article on this horrid institution.

Pensacola Christian College

If you think the procedures for Word of Life are terrible (and they are), than you better think twice. According to an article on, the fire drill procedures at Pensacola Christian College are MUCH worse. According to this site, women are required to be in "proper attire" before exiting their dorm room for drills or fires. Somebody (the dean?) e-mailed back the writer of the article and confirmed that women must be in skirts before exiting the room [1].

West Coast Baptist College

See Pensacola Christian College above [2].





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