Fat is a part of food and some drinks, we need to eat some fat but too much causes or adds to obesity. Some fats are considered healthy like Rape seed oil, also Olive oil and many ther vegetable oils but even those are best measured out carefully as too much leads to obesity. Other fats like lard are very unhealthy, they clog up arteries and cause or contribute to heart disease. Cream in Milk is in between, it has too much Saturated fat but isn't as unhealthy as lard.

Trans fats are particularly problematic, they don't improve the flavor of food and they're very unhealthy. Still trans fats are cheap and easy to cook so the Fast food industry and other suppliers of pre cooked food like cookies (biscuits) find it profitable to sneak trans fats into their products and assume people who eat the unhealthy stuff won't notice. The United States government is considering banning trans fats in human food.

  1. If trans fats are banned American consumers probably won't notice much, American processed food will be as tasty as before and at most might cost a few cents a portion more.
  2. If trans fats are banned American consumers will be healthier and will be more confident that irresponsible suppliers haven't manipulated them into eating unhealthy fat that they'd rather not eat. [1]