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Euphemism is a way to say something without saying it, by making it sound better than it is. Often employed by Neocons in order to trick people into thinking they aren't Lying, cheating, or Stealing when they really are. For example people deliberately killed in situations like the Iraq War become "Casualties", people accidentally killed became "Collateral damage" or "friendly fire incidents", and torture becomes "Advanced Interrogation Techniques".

Nazi Germany

Back in the 40's In Nazi Germany showers became a popular euphemism for gas chambers and "Arbteit macht frei." (Work Will Make You Free.) became an emphemism for working you to death. [1]

List of Euphemisms

  • Causulty of War- Person killed or wounded by War
  • Collateral Damage- Person or property accidentally killed or damaged by War
  • Friendly Fire Incident- Accidental destruction or death caused by an Ally
  • Dark Site- Secret Government facility for illegal activity
  • Advanced Interrogation- Torture
  • Advanced Interrogation Technique- Type of torture
  • Less Lethal- Weapon designed to harm (if used without malice)
  • Public Relations- The profession of lying effectively. If you thought that was politics, you're a few decades behind the times
  • Spin- To lie artfully and effectively
  • Spin Doctor- A professional liar, often trained in artful evasion
  • Madison Avenue- Home of the best Spin Doctors
  • Freedom Fighter- right-wing vigilante
  • Militia- Organized Domestic right-wing vigilantes or terrorists
  • Manifest Destiny- Wasp Dominionism (Original) Neoliberal conquest through World Trade (modern)
  • Metapedia- Steaming pile of White Supremacy
  • Conservapedia- Steaming pile of Dominionism
  • Law and Order- Use of force to maintain the Social Order
  • Law and Justice- Use of force to maintain a just society (to conservatives- just a different name for Law and Order)

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