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Easter bunny

Easter is the Christian celebration of what Christians believe was the resurrections of Jesus Christ. [1]

Liberal Christians

Liberal Christians love Easter because they believe it celebrates the victory of the downtrodden over the forces of evil, the triumph of positivity and hope over despair and the chance for a new life for everyone.

All Christians

Easter is two days after Good Friday, which Christians believe was the day Jesus was crucified because an all loving, all powerful God could not possibly forgive our Sins unless an inocent person was tortured and killed. This may not make sense to you but Christians think it makes sense.

Most people

However, most people know the Easter holiday as the day when a bunny leaves chocolate eggs in/around your house as a treat. The Bunny must be real! After all Santa Claus is real isn't he? No, of course not! The Easter Bunny is also used by gullible adults, to push on children and is another corporatist plot that ruins the Easter season.

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  1. David Blaine will more than likely try this in the not too distant future!
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