A dysphemism is a word or phrase used to imply that something harmless or good is bad or harmful.

Conservatives may call a civil libertarian a Social Justice Warrior, or call civil equality Political Correctness, or family planning advocates baby killers.

Exmples of dysphemisms

  • Feminazi- Feminist, an advocate of equal rights/responsibilities/protection of females
  • Tree Hugger- Environmentalist
  • Anti-White- A supporter of racial equality
  • Death Tax- Estate tax
  • Anti-Man- A supporter of gender equality
  • Bleeding Heart- Liberal
  • Illegal Immigrant- Undocumented immigrant, refugee, or asylum seeker
  • Looters and Rioters- Civil Rights Demonstration
  • Looney Lib- Liberal (archaic)
  • Libtard- Liberal (modern)
  • Hysteria- An emotional reaction (so old we may not even realize it's sexist origins. Hmm...Does that make Mania a euphemism, since it originated in a Paternalistic society and has Man in it?)
  • Elites- Originally Academic Elites. In response to criticism of the free-speech impact of actual social and financial elites on liberal democracies. Increasingly, liberal financial or social elites are included in this group. There may also be a WASP, or increasingly an Anti-Semitic bias in it's application (George Soros)
  • Demoncrat- Democrat
  • Socialist- In American politics, anyone to the left of Classical Liberalism.
  • Trump Derangement Syndrome TDS- Belief in the main-stream media reporting on Donald Trump
  • Liberal Media, Lamestream Media- Mainstream Corporate News Media
  • Witch Hunt- Any investigation into the illegal or unethical dealings of President Trump, his Administration, the Republican Party, or his family.
  • Big Government- Effective Government
  • Deep State- Government acting in accordance with law
  • Domestic Terrorist- Civil Rights Demonstrator, Media covering Civil Rights Demonstrations, or citizens protecting Civil Rights Demonstrators from Vigilantism or Police Reprisal
  • Racism- To extreme conservatives anti-racism is racist. Can't fix it because thinking about it is racist, or something like that.

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